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• Brief Biography •

Been born in Caracas (1951), Spaniard by ancestry and Costa Rican hearted, Augusto Nouel Perera (AAA) has found in beautiful and peaceful Costa Rica, a new world of rich inspiration where to live in and dedicate his efforts and multiple experience to the Arts.

Since childhood, AAA had a strong inclination towards the arts and painting, he mastered two vanishing points perspective technique drawing since the age of seven, studied at De La Salle School and earned a degree in Architecture at Simón Bolívar University meanwhile taking extensive courses in Graphic Design, Plastic Arts, Drawing and Architectural and Arts History.

During and after his architecture studies at SBU (USB) he produced individual exhibitions at social clubs, company and bank headquarters, won various contests for logotype and poster designs and even appeared as a soloist on the piano in a Contemporary Music Concert. AAA spent three years alternating between France and Spain during 1980s and 90s where his passion for arts was strongly reaffirmed. With multiple specialties as 3D computer architectural design, perspective drawing, photorealism, digital photo post-processing, advertising and graphic design among others.

Along with a productive Architect career, he made in parallel diverse graphic designs, logotypes, emblems, industrial designs and photography works for a varied sort of companies and associations.

In 1999, AAA received “The Order of Merit for Work” distinction granted by the President of Venezuela, Rafael Caldera.  In 2003, he established himself in Costa Rica, where he had produced various architectural projects, kinetic arts, paintings and photography works. Apart from the designing processes AAA has also participated actively as the keyboard player in a traditional musical group promoted by Ana Cecilia Hurtado, who by chances of life, is a sister of Angel Hurtado, internationally renowned artist and Jesus Soto’s personal friend. 


AAA’s kinetics artworks raises the physical-sensorial experience as artistic fact by itself, they dynamically depend on the light and changes of the surroundings, and change in accordance with the position and movement of the observer, the environment and to their own qualities.

They resort to the vibration produced by stereoscopy while perceiving the juxtaposition of multiple stylized elements of hollow and convex surfaces in different planes, the volatile nature of the reflections and intense contrast against the negative substratum that supports them, expressing itself in unusual, fascinating and unrepeatable ways.

The designs follow conceptual structures planned from a solid plastic experience, the mastery of three-dimensional design techniques and the knowledge of materials for producing pieces of balanced compositions, rich in rhythms, intersections and diverse visual textures.

Artworks that bring us near in a fresh and diaphanous way to the varied possibilities that metals and special alloys offer distributed with regularity, precision and emphasis on the constructive geometry as vehicle of artistic expression where the reality and illusion perform beautiful and dynamic musical harmonies.


Some examples of our kinetic artworks:

WaitingCitykinetic ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Sala 3 KinetiCty 3Lobby 1LobbyPDVSA 1Lobby-WebKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelKinetics Artworks by AaanouelSunKinetics ISunKinetics II


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